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Especially for the smallest fighters Forza Fighting Gear has a boxing set to get acquainted with boxing. The set consists of a strong canvas punching bag and is made of very strong nylon with a cotton filling. The punching bag is easy to hang and has a length of 60 cm. 

The high-quality boxing gloves have a size/weight of 6oz and are made of very strong synthetic leather. The inside of the boxing gloves are provided with a grip bar to make it easier to make a firm fist. The fixed thumb prevents the thumb from hitting the thumb twice during training. The ergonomic Velcro closure ensures that the boxing gloves fit well and the risk of wrist injuries is reduced. These boxing gloves have a tight fit for more control and feeling during training.

This Forza kids boxing set is ideal for the novice martial artist. This is a benefit set. The punching bag and boxing gloves are also available separately.

Product features

Punching bag

  • Strong canvas
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Easy to hang
  • 60 cm in length


Boxing gloves

  • 6oz
  • Very strong synthetic leather
  • Grip bar
  • Fixed thumb
  • Ergonomic Velcro closure
  • Tight fit

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